DVI Cable not working properly?

Hello I have purchased a 15m DVI cable (Dual Link) so I can hook my computer up to my TV without moving it, yes my TV has a DVI port. I received the cable and found that it would display but the display was messed up, the black parts had red vertical lines even on post, the other colors where also wrong and some stuff was moving. I tested it with different screens and different PC's, screens that are working properly with my short DVI cable, with no fix.

So I sent the cable back and they gave me a replacement, the next one gets here and I have the same problem this time much worse than before. Is this the cable?

On the cable it reads:
E119932-T LU AWM 202768 80C 30V VW-1 COMPARTNER
There is no gauge number (AWG). I have read around and found that "COMPARTNER" makes many cables for companies.

My theory is that this cable is 26AWG even though 24AWG is required for over 10 meters. I have a picture which shows different gauge cables for HDMI and they have have 26AWG as 9mm diameter and 24AWG as 11mm. I have measured my cable and it is exactly 9mm, does this mean its 26AWG?

So would a gauge of 26 cause the display I am seeing? If not what could?

Thanks for the help.
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    Well DVI is not spec'd for anything more than 5 meters so a 15m cable without any sort of repeater of anything is a sketchy proposition.

    I would suggest reviewing this page, if you have not already, which details in a very basic manner, DVI and all it's different aspects.

    Things I would look for are what type of inputs and outputs are you dealing with on your various components? DVI-A? DVI-D? Dual Link? Single Link?

    Hope this helps
  2. The website says that long lengths can cause "artifacts and "stuck" pixels" on your display which seems like the problem.

    Thank you for your help.
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  4. glad that site was helpful, good luck resolving the issue.
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