Convert 3 5mm to s/pdif

I have a amkette flash tv the output point show digital coaxial but the jack is a 3.5mm stereo my amp has an rca standard input or optical input how do i connect the same
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  1. well the documentation available for that product is best, but it sounds to me like you something like this.
  2. actually the above may be sort of the opposite of what you need but you get the idea...this probably more what you need.
  3. thanks but i guess both these won't help me as i need to convert a stereo 3.5mm jack to a jack for the digital coax. The player doesn't support the optical. i bought this one
    but still can't get it to work.
  4. the documentation I could find for that product was quite sparse but it indicated that the 3.5mm jack was the digital connection.

    there is such a thing as a combo 3.5mm digital coax/analog jack which I think is what is on your flash tv thing.....although once again, the documentation the manufacturer provides on-line is just about worthless so I can only guess.
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