Mitsubishi tv overheating problems

i have a mitsubishi ws-65869 that turns off after about an hour, then back on by itself, then repeats this about every 15-20 afterwards. i have a woodstove in the same room and it seems to only happen when the room is warm. last night, i decided to test this theory by watching a movies with no heat in the room (about 63 degrees)-voila! 1 1/2 hours with no shutoff! does anyone have a solution for this problem that doesn't require me to get frostbite every time i want to watch tv?
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  1. stick your head i the back of the tv and listen for a fan, you cant miss it. if you dont hear it then that is your problem.
  2. Some of those had a teeny tiny fan placed over the digital main. You may check to see if it is gunked up.
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