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My Dell laptop's keyboard is showing ''gt'' when you type ''g'' when I type ''h'' it shows ''hy'' if I hit backspace it deletes the whole line. I replaced the keyboard, updated the bios, updated Dell drivers, reintalled Windows 7, checked all the number lock buttons, checked to see if it using English, uninstalled keyboard drivers, and removed and reistalled keyboard. I do not have an external keyboard but the on-screen keyboard works fine. I am out of warranty, money, and ideas. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Where does this happen (word, notepad, wordpad, browser, all of the above)?
  2. I was justing checking. The letters do it in all. In browser the backspace delete the whole line. I Just tried word, letters did the same but the backspace brought up the Find and Replace option.
  3. Restart and boot into safe mode with networking. Download, install, and update malwarebytes. Do a full system scan. This will rule out some sort of malware.

    You have completely replaced the keyboard?

    The next suggestion would be to try a USB or PS2 keyboard.
  4. Did a full scan with no results. I have several external keyboards but none with an usb connector. When this problem started I ordered a new keyboard. I installed it two (2) days ago. Both keyboards act exactly the same.
  5. I've never used either of these, but you could try adjusting your keyboard mapping using a keyboard mapper.
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