Car Audio: Opinions Plz.


I've been searching for new equipment to install into my '02 Spectra and have narrowed it down to the following head units (really want to get that Audiovox Premier P942W POS out of there.)

Alpine CDE-103BT
Kenwood KDC-BT645U
Kenwood KDC-BT945U

Opinions on their quality? preferences? Other suggestions for around $230USD or less, that isn't Trash, has Bluetooth, CD, USB, HD-Radio (ready), SAT Radio (ready)

Also Speakers:
Clarion SRQ6831C for the rear deck (6"x8")
Clarion SRQ1631R for the front doors (6.5" - accepts 6.5" - 6.75")

Anyone with any experience with these speakers? Anyone with any experience with the Clarion brand of speakers? Better options around $60 USD or less?
Will I get decent bass? (Not looking to vibrate the car to pieces, but want decent audible low end.)

Would like some opinions before I buy in about a couple of weeks.
(I know: what you like, I might not, what i like, you might not. However, I'm looking for a general consensus/to avoid trash.)
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  1. Bump.

    Ignore the Head Unit question, splurged a little for a Kenwood KDC-X994.
    The Speaker question is still valid.
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