The monitor doesnt come on and the computer fan makes a buzzing sound what can I

I am experiencing difficulties when I turn on my computer, the monitor stays blank and the towers fan makes a weird buzzing sound, and the light on the monitor just keeps flashing like it's not getting a singal please help me.
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  1. Open the tower, and see if you can determine where the buzzing is coming from.
  2. Sounds like bearing failure on a fan -- usually the power supply's fan due to heat.

    If the fan is oscillating on the bearing it won't cool the PSU and mainboard sufficiently which can lead to components failing.
  3. It seems to be coming from somewhere around the Video card. And @fihard it's kind of noisy anyway but what I don't understand is that it was working like a week before this happened and all of a sudden it just stops from out of nowhere like this....Replacement is not an issue, I just need help to determine what it is, I don't really have the money to take it to a specialist and pay for another part.
  4. Sorry I meant to put about the beeping it started doing when I attempted to put the hard drive in another computer, the beeping came from the video card I think...The buzzing is coming from the fan.
  5. Are you sure it has a video card? Most HPs don't come with one.

    You obviously have another working PC. Remove the power supply from that PC, and connect it to your non-working HP.
  6. I already did...And the video card isn't the problem anymore, I removed it, and then inserted the power cord into the mannual one that is already in the computer. Still nothing, I'm starting to think it still might be the hard drive...
  7. Disconnect the hard drive, and turn on the PC. If you don't at least see the black BIOS screen, it's not the hard drive.

    When you say power cord, are you talking about the monitor cable that plugs into the back of the PC? Looks like this?
  8. Yes, I actually meant to say the monitor cord lol, sorry. And is that even safe? I never heard of taking the Hard Drive out of the computer and powering it up at the same time....Seems like it would cause something to not work anymore...
  9. It's fine to power up a computer with the hard drive disconnected (or removed).
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