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LG TV Setup Help!

I have a very annoying problem, and I hope you guys can help.

I have a LG 32' TV. Up until now, I hooked it up with a VGA to VGA cord, and everything worked fine. The problem started when I wanted to use a DVI to HDMI cord.

When connected via VGA, the TV is configured to user XGA mode (max is 1366 x 768, but I have it setup at 1360 x 768).
When connected via DVI - HDMI, the image seems to go farther than the screen, however I don't experience screen panning... the image is just "bigger" than the surface on my TV. I dabbled in ATI Catalyst Control Center and attempted to use "custom" HD resolutions... either I suffer from the same problem or I get the opposite problem (the image is too small, and there is an unusable black border around it).

I also have my Xbox 360 connected to this TV, via HD Composite, and in the settings it is set to use 1080i - everything works properly, and I can see the entire image.

Since the 360 works fine, I deducted that I can somehow make my PC work fine with that resolution also. Is this even possible? And if it, what am I doing wrong?

Your help is really appreciated, and thanks in advance!
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  1. Check out this thread. Seems to be a very similar situation.

    -Wolf sends
  2. is 1080i the max resolution your TV can do? if so that may be your problem?
  3. Yes, it is the max the LCD can receive. Hooking up a cable box set at 1080i and an Xbox 360 at 1080i produces no problems - it only happens when I hook up my PC. Does that help?
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    As was stated in the other thread mentioned above, it seems your TV is processing the HDMI signal from your PC. If you can set the TV to just display the signal on that HDMI input "dot for dot" or whatever the manual calls it, try that and see if if clears up the overscan problem.
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