Mitsubishi WL-82913 big screen problem blinking light

We have the Mitsubishi WL-82913 Big Screen TV. The blinking green light won't allow us to turn on the TV? Major maintenance? Supposedly, the technician says he thinks he resolved the problem by downloading data and the code while the light is flashing... we find out Saturday. Has anyone else had it repaired? please advise.
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  1. Do a search for the "blinking green light of death" if you haven't run across it yet. There ar 4 cap that will need to be replaced in the digital I/O board. It's the board on the left side in the plastic cage looking at the TV from the back with the cocer removed. The wife wanted her TV fast so I went Radio Shack and picked them up. I would recomend getting the better ones rated at 105 C insted of the lowwer temp ones from Radio Shack. The total cost is 5 bucks and will save you 1000 - 1500 for a new board.
  2. Could you please elaborate on the 4 cap's
  3. On the left side of the chassis is a stand-up metal box that houses your Digital Mainboard. When removed and the cover taken off, you will find two boards nestled inside. The top one is a power board for the DM, and on it you'll find 4-6 bad 680microfarad capacitors. Replace them with 1000microfarad 16v 105C spares, Bob's your uncle, no more blinky blinky.
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