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Hi.. i have an ipod touch 2g..and i tried to restore it and it kept on restoring for a while..i had to click it on restore again because it would not..it would give me an error at the end..and now it is shut-off and wont start back up? any help please

when it restores it does..but in the end it says wait till your ipod starts..then its back t restore again. i dont knw why it does that
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  1. I have a similar problem with my 1st gen and have replaced it twice from the ipod store now and still encountering problems. I don't think its a hardware issue but something software or hardware related. Even happened on my reinstall of w7 clean last nite

    Specs in limited detail to see if anything matches up..
    Gigabyte UD4P
    GTX 275
    OCZ Plat RAM
    Windows 7
    Itunes 9 (updated last night...)
    Ipod OS 3. (which ever is the most current)

    This all started when I upgraded to itunes 9 loaded music but nothing was displaying once it was unplugged tried it a couple more times and reformatted...been looping ever since.

    Tempted to buy a different device but don't know if that will solve my problems and I actually like Itunes for the most part.
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