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I have an Insignia stereo receiver, and a Vista 64 PC with an evga mobo. My mobo has optical out, and my stereo has optical in.

I bought the cable, hooked t up, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make the sound work.

I tried all the presets on the receiver, messed around with the sound in Vista, but I'm lost.

Please, any info would be great.
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  1. Should just be a matter of going to you're sound console and setting "spdif" as the output.
  2. There is no spdif as output.
    I figured out the default for the optical is Video 2.
    But now it won't let me select the stereo setting I want, which is Matrix.
    And it only plays music from WMP, not iTunes.
    Why is that?
  3. There should be either a "Digital Output" from the Windows Control Panel -> Sounds tab, or a "SPDIF out" from your audio console for you're onboard chipset.
  4. I figured that out. I can hear the music playing from WMP, but will not play from iTunes. I also cannot select any other music setting on the reciever. I usually use Matrix, but won't let me. Every other setting makes it sound terrible.
  5. Ok, I figured out how to get music from WMP to my stereo without it sounding terrible.

    But iTunes will NOT play through my stereo. I can see the song playing, but the audio wont transfer through, but it will on wmp.
    Can anyone help me with this?

  6. Once optical is selected some audio enhancement will be disabled, including matrix. For that you'll need to turn your amp DSP system set to matrix.

    You also may have a driver problems if you can't play iTunes without audio, have try reinstalling iTunes?
  7. pc to surround sound wont give sound
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