Cannot find xeldz in all drives.

I rebooted my computer and it will no longer start it just says:

No xeldz
No xeldz

BIOS: Drive 0x0, H=1, S=18

Cannot find xeldz in all drives. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

Boot to safe mode or use any of the typical windows repair methods

I tryed booting off of my windows 7 disk and using repair, but it said version mismatch which makes no sense.
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  1. Any virus infections, hardware change or anything of the sort prior to the issue ?
  2. Xeldz is a program to remove Windows 7 activation which has for some reason been removed, maybe by a Microsoft update. Your version of Windows is not genuine and you should get a genuine version of Windows 7 and reinstall.
  3. despite what you are all saying it is a legal copy of windows. anyways i fixed it by reinstalling windows i didnt have time to wait around for an answer as i use that machine for a server that's on 24/7
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