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Hello, I have an Asus N81vg, and I am not too happy with the battery life; it's just enough to get me through my two classes, but next semester, they'll last an hour longer which it won't be able to handle.

I was looking at mobile-power-packs but they seem to be extremely pricy and only around 2 hours out of one of them. If anyone knows a good one, please tell me.

Also, the battery in the laptop is an A32-A8, +11.1V-4800mAh. It is a 6-cell, and I'm wondering if there is a 12-cell equivalent or one with more charge capacity.

Thank you!
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  1. Contact Asus for an additional or higher-capacity battery. Asus usually only makes one type of battery for any given notebook (unlike Dell or HP), but you never know. You can, at the least, purchase an additional battery.

    I wouldn't get any third-party "mobile power pack". I would only buy batteries that were made by the manufacturer for your notebook - otherwise, the risk it'll fail is just too high. You can probably find a few OEM ones on Ebay, too.
  2. By mobile power pack I meant something along the lines of

    However, the battery does seem to come cheaper as far as some sites I've seen. Thanks for your insight on Asus' usually making only one type of battery for each notebook.
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