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I was just given a new Sound System from my uncle ( Moniter Sound ) with the ain Central Sound system they plug into being ( Marantz )

the Cables i having a little problem , 1st of all the cables that go into the back of the Speakers , there's different colours that dont make sence on the speakers , and i need help , i made a picture to show you , its hard to explain in words .

The image is bad , im sorry lol

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  1. Try connecting the red/black to low then other purple/green to low. Do not short the wires together so use tape to cover any expose wires.

    On your Amp have DBBS or something that control bass and turn slowly to high until you'll hear the bass thumping, if none then try the purple/green to low.

    Once you figure which one goes to low then the rest goes to high.

    Usually the red/black goes to low but there's really no standard for this so you need to do trial and error.
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