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I have a Sharp 32" LCD HDTV. Lately I have to unplug it and then replug the power cord to get the remote to function. Sometimes the remote will work for a couple cycles of on/off. But more often than not I have to unplug it and replug it to use the remote. Sometimes I leave it uplugged all night before I replug. It doesn't seem to make a difference. The batteries in the remote are new. Is this an easy fix? Thanks in advance.
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  1. It sounds like your TV's IR sensor and/or command processor is out of spec, but I'd rule out any problems with the remote itself before taking the TV in for repair. Try to borrow another remote or a programmable remote (like a DVD player remote that will also control your TV), also check to make sure the TV IR sensor is not dirty, obstructed or in a bright light.

    If the simple stuff doesn't work, then try to Google or Bing your problem & see if it's common and possible solutions.

    My plasma TV was kinda slow changing channels until I went to Pioneer's website and found a firmware update. It not only speeded up channel surfing, but it also fixed some other quirks...
  2. ^ PS - meant to mention that I had a Sharp 45" Aquos that developed a horizontal line of dead pixels 1/4th the way up the screen, about 9 months after the 1-yr-warranty expired. After trying a few things I eventually took it in to an authorized repairman, who called me up after a week and said Sharp had discontinued making replacement parts for that model as soon as it was discontinued, and no panels were to be had at any price. Luckily I had bought it using a Visa platinum card, which extended the manuf. warranty by another year. Visa paid me enough so that I could buy a new Sony XBR-4 46" LCD TV which had an even better picture than the Aquos, which was very good since I had vowed to never ever buy another Sharp product again :)...
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