Buy LCD now or keep my CRT and wait for OLED to come out?

I heard OLED will come out in 2009 which is now and it has very strange native res so should i wait and keep my CRT till oled comes out and becomes cheaper or i buy LCD now?
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  1. OLED will be ridiculously expensive if it comes to market as a PC desktop product in any reasonable strength. Now if you're willing to spend $1000+ on a very nice monitor at the end of the year, then _maybe_ hold out till then.

    If you still have a CRT now chances are you are NOT an enthusiast and therefore not into spending that much money on your PC components. I'd recommend getting yourself into a 24" LCD with decent stats. (1920x1200, low refresh rate) Perhaps a Samsung or a Dell would suit you nicely. I think they are around $450 now, but maybe you can find a deal.
  2. An inexpensive OLED monitor of any size will be a pipe dream for the first few years after it is released.
  3. OK, i heard production costs are not expensive, why would they sell them high prices at later in this year.
  4. Because production costs are expensive?

    Honestly - it's a brand new technology - if it were cheap, do you really think that the only one on the market would be an 11 inch for $2500?
  5. I know it is new technology but it costs even less when you got all materials you need and you make it yourself.
  6. How do you propose making an OLED yourself?
  7. Its not all the production costs that keep prices high. They have to make up that R&D cost somewhere as well. And until all the major manufacturers have the technology, the price will be prohibitively high.
  8. oh lol @CJI i can make anything.
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