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im trying to hook up and mp3 player to a set of speakers. the MP3 player that i think i am going to use is the Creative Zen Mozaic 8GB - as its the best i ould find that has a big enough space on it and long enough to run with out having to replace the battery every year or so.
the thing i want to know is what amp should i get to go between the mp3 player and the speakers as i dont think the mp3 player is going to have the kind of output i want.

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  1. What's the specs of your speakers?
  2. i Have no idea i was just looking for a general all perpouse amp
  3. How big is your room and check the wattage at the back of your speaker? It goes something like 100W - Watts 8 Ω - Ohms.

    Check this picture, it's 20 W @ 4 Ω -

    A 50W - 75W per channel amplifier would be more than enough to power 100W speakers but 100W would be ideal, like these ones:
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