How to remove write-protected from digital camera

I have a digital camera Sony DCR-SX30 and tried everything Format ; search in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ... also I AM SURE THAT THERE IS NO LOCK ON MY SANDISK (8gb) and if I take sandisk out I get the same error "The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk." I have no idea what can be here... meybe it's digital camera problem, meybe something I need to change in digital camera but I searched and I have nothing found... PLEASE HELP ME!
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  1. Some suggestions:

    Check the menus on the camera for one which resets to default settings.

    Take the batteries out and leave the camera perhaps overnight. Without batteries press the power on switch. Reinsert batteries, power up.

    Try another memory stick.

    Check your memory stick in a computer using a card reader or check it in another camera.
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