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Hello, I have a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma, a Samsung WS1G Soundbar (Receiver and a sub), a PS3, and a 360. Now, I want to get a good surge protector for it and I do not have a whole lot of knowledge in this area. I would like a good one for the peace of mind, but, I also hear that you can get audio buzz, interfearance, etc, and good surge protectors can stop that. If anyone could help me out and let me know some good surge protectors, Id appreciate it. Thanks.


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  1. If you use your TV's Optical output to connect to the soundbar then you won't have any audio buzz at all.

    As far as what to look for in a surge protector, just look for one with the highest Joules Rating that is within your budget and you can't go wrong. Some manufacturers even offer an Equipment protection warranty. Other than that it is pretty much a matter of preference in color, size, cord length, number of outlets, etc.

    Here is the one I am using for my Entertainment Center: Tripp Lite TLP810SAT 8-Outlet Surge Protector (3570 Joules, Tel/DSL/Coax)
  2. I am using the optical to go from the bar to the TV, PS3, and 360. However, the sub is wireless and I am almost positive that is what's causing it. The receiver and the sub both has a two prong plug.
  3. You don't mention if you have cable, sat, etc. A bad ground in the cable system can cause buzz at all times. Disconnect the cable from the cable box while you hear the buzz and see if it goes away. If so you can get a cheap ground loop isolator to solve this. A surge protector will not do anything usually for this unless you are getting a hum which is lower in tone than a buzz.
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