Dimension 8400 wont boot up

I have a Dimension 8400 that recently will no longer boot up. There was one instance when I wiggled the power cord and it booted up but that may have been a fluke.

Currenlty when turning on the machine the power light is steady green, the abc lights on back are green, the fan seems to come on, and that is about it. There are no beeps, and I can't hear the hd doing the usualy stuff during boot up and when I hit the power button it shuts down instantley. There is nothing on the screen, the monitor power button flashes green.

I have not tried anything yet except blowing out the dust bunnies. Wanted some help with direction before I started buying and pulling.
What do you think?

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    Unplug your hard drive, optical drives, any add on cards (video cards, sound cards, SATA controllers...etc). You may have a failing PSU that can't power your hardware.
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