What is the difference between Imported and USA manufactured Nikon DSLR cameras

OK I think I see what the difference is...this is my first time to purchase a DSLR and I am trying to get a good one! Looking at the Nikon D90 and D5000...anyone know which is better of those two! Any help is appreciated...also this is mainly for sports photography...Third thing does anyone know anything about getitdigital.com..they have excellent prices. Thanks
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  1. Two sites with detail about all things Nikon:

    Also try:
    http://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/ (you will need to join to access anything useful)

    If you live in the US do not buy any new Nikon stuff that is not US-spec as you will never get any support or warranty service from Nikon. Most Nikon products have a serial number that is specific to where it is intended to be sold.

    Also be careful about who you buy from as Nikon may refuse to support purchases from a non-authorized vendor.
  2. Nikon is a Japanese company, part of the giant Mitsubishi corporation which makes everything from Verbatim CDRs to ships. Most of their products are made in Japan or China. As per the answer above, I suspect your query concerns authorised imports via Nikon's US dealer network versus personal imports or "grey" market imports.

    Sadly, if you want support from Nikon you have to play it by their rules and pay accordingly and the same is probably true of most major brands.
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