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Hello,Ijust got a camera and i'm having problems loading and sharing my pictures I'm fustratded and ready to send this thing back
. I would like to speak to some one. to walk me throughthe steps
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  1. It does sound as though you need help. But you haven't given us much to go on. And incidentally this is a forum, there's no phone help line.

    Personally with this level of problem and the kind of help you anticipate you need I'd go back to the retailer and ask them to show you on their computer with your camera.

    Otherwise you might get a tech at the camera company to walk you through it on the phone.

    Meanwhile, basically, you take your shots, connect the camera by USB. The camera usually shows in My Computer as an external removable drive. You create a new folder on the computer and drag and drop picture files from the camera to the new folder. From there you can send them as e-mail attachments, put em on Facebook etc.
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