Compaq CQ50-107NR - Error 1002

I'm not sure exactly how to put this but here goes...

I've tried everything I can think of but I sent my laptop to my sister's husband to fix a power button issue on my laptop and kept my hard drive at home in an anti-static bag. But as soon I popped my HD back in , it turned on and booted to my desktop then black screened and rebooted. Now , I attempted 3 recoveries with the burned off recovery discs and each time it is now telling me after it's done reformatting and it's attempting to reinstall the original content "Error 1002. If this issue continues,please contact HP support". pops up.

I've even went as far as to using the recovery to do a ChDsk scan and it fixed a couple of clusters , it also had told me the BootMgr was missing , it didn't show the OS when it gave me a chance to find drivers for the hard drive. So , I'm kind of at a loss here. And I didn't see the Smart drive thing telling me to backup my hard drive until AFTER everything was said and done otherwise the the damage may be immenant and press F1 to continue..

Right now , I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks a bunch!
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