Rack or Stand, what do you recommend?

Ok.. just bought my tv.. no I'd like to start buying the rest of the stuff, so I will need to plan if I will use a rack or a stand.

I'm planning to have those products:

Xbox 360

I hope that I'm not missing anything from here but as you see are 6 products that need a correct cable connections, ventilation, etc.

I want to make them nice and clean, but I don't care if the cables are on the sight... I mean it's gonna be on my living room so I don't want to make it as a server room.

so, I'm not sure what do you suggest me.
Also I really want to make this scalable, so if tomorrow I want to buy a new product I will be able to do it.

thanks for the answers.

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  1. a rack has more room than a stand. i think you might need both. I use both I have my ps3 and 360 on my stand and i have my receiver, amp, and dvr on a rack. the one i got had a nice rail for all the wires that went to the bottom. I bought one of those rubber chord hider things and put the wires under it and ran it on the floor to the back of my tv. It helps if you use twist ties or somthing like that to keep the wires nice and organized. Good Luck
  2. do you have the name, order to find it
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