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Once Again, Someone Needs Advice About UV Filters on D-lenses, lol!

Wondering about this...

Making an attempt to get back to dabbling in photography after nine years of kinda putting it away--I am only recently able to afford to dabble again--the (totally worth-it and more) nine-year-old reason is sleeping upstairs, lol!

Had a 35 mm Nikon, and was "taught" to keep a UV filter on the lenses, if for no other reason, scratch/dust protection.

I'm ignorant on the new D lenses (currently have the D5000)--so what's the verdict? Will I lose quality w/ continuous UV cover? If so, what's the best way to keep the lens protected (besides the lens cover, lol)!

Thanks, guys! I'm pretty excited to have new equipment (I'm sure I'll have loads more questions) and learn all over again (well, kinda, sorta, lol)!!!
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    The logic has not changed over the years. For the past 35+ years, I have used a UV filter over my Nikon lenses to protect it from dust, dirt, etc.

    In addition to protection, the UV filter acts as a haze remover in outdoor scenes. Exceptions are if you want the haze as part of your picture theme. The UV filter has the undesirable effect of minimizing the exhaust from the race cars at the Indy 500! For these scenes, take it off.
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