Old one is dead.. help plz!

thanks to Maziar's help i have a new laptop and so i figured id give my old one to my little bro (i hadent used the thing in ages)
and need a little help >_< it is a Dell Latitude D600.... only problem is the thing wont turn on. unless i apply pressure to the correct spot on the case (actually right a above the battery and yes the battery is firmly seated) and then dont jostle the case at all or it shuts off. any help would be grand... i wonder if a soderpoint has let go?

and i have a second battery and it wont work either AND the docking station dosent work... im at a complete loss :pt1cable: :cry:
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  1. Well, it's obvious you've got some kind of torque that breaks a connection. Does the notebook power on without the battery inserted?
  2. nope not at all
    with battery without battery the result is the same
  3. In that case, you're probably right - there's going to be a loose connection/solder point on the board. The only way to find it is to take it apart.
  4. If ur Dell Latitude came with one of those nVIDIA gfx cards as onboard gfx, then the laptop could be dead.. nvidia is getting sued for this and so is hp, and dell and apple.. same thing happened here. unless i apply pressure to some part of the keyboard, lappie wont turn on.
  5. nope ati radeon moblie9000 :p lol thanks for the reply guys... im guessing that the method of taking mine apart is similar to the post by you frozen? anyways since i know ware about to start looking on the board (i think) any advice? and is it worth it to do this to such a old bear or just let her die? or would it be good practice

    and the stupid thing will turn on you just have to apply pressure to the case in the right spot at just the right amount AND then NOT DISTURB it at all
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    The post I wrote is geared to be general, so it should help you out.
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