OMG! I bought a dell 2405 for gaming. Is that bad?

What have I done!

I have been waiting patiently for months now for the X1800Xt to come. At the same time I was holding out for 19inch lcd screens to stabilise in their response times.
My goal to play games! Games I tell ya!

But I cracked. I ate the worm! chucked the bucket! smacked the balony! I couldnt say no to the 2405 Dell monitor. I live in Australia so discount coupons etc dont come by too often. I just couldnt say no to this supposed bargain.
But now Im regretting it. It hasnt come yet. 7 more business days! But im worried. Buying a computer is harder than buying a house.

My question is, have I stuffed up. Gone for a 16ms 24 inch monitor. Will i see ghosting. Are my frags gonna drop. I love playing call of duty online and Far cry.
Does anyone know If it struggles. Should I have stuck to the viewsonic, samsung low millisecond models. Will there be a difference. Tomshardware seems to think so. PCmag doesnt.

AM i wasting my money on a great graphics card.... only to be disappointed by lag of the monitor. Im just imagining the effect when Im sniping someone.

Oh boy.
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  1. No VX924. :smile:
  2. I have that monitor. I ordered it pretty much the day it came out since I had a 2005fpw that I was very happy with.

    You won't regret it. I don't see any ghosting at all and I have no dead or stuck pixels. There's no problem with this monitor as far as that is concerened. You'll also like the card reader, portrait mode, and definitely download some HDTV clips at ..... Well I can't find the link, but download a HD clip from one of the IMAX movies. The surfing one is really cool.

    Here's the problem:

    This monitor is big, really big, and with a 1920x1200 native resolution it's very demanding on games. Farcry is pretty brutal on it so what you want to do is on your monitor buttons go to

    menu>image settings>scaling

    Then change it to Aspect iirc.

    What this will do is put 2 black bars on the sides if you want to play a game at something like 1024x768 instead of your native resolution. I haven't really figured this out quite yet since it seems like all games are different but you can play around with it and find a resolution in the game that will still look like it's native, but will have the black bars. Anything lower than 1920x1200. Iirc in Farcry it didn't matter if I lowered the settings in the game, I needed to lower the resolution.

    So what does this all mean?

    In really demanding games like Farcry or Halflife2 or Fear (which I'm afraid to try) you'll want to change the aspect ration and use a lower resolution. Until the card manufacturers release a videocard that is powerfull enough to run our monitors we'll have to struggle a little bit. If you look at the review for FEAR over at Anandtech you'll see very clearly that at high resolutions even a 7800GTX will struggle at max settings.

    I have a x800xl, a very good card, but my upgrade time will have to be sooner than I expected and a lot sooner than I normally do. Is it worth it though? Absolutely. This monitor is awesome and you definitely won't regret it one bit. I currently play Battlefield 2 on it and love it. Half Life 2 on it was awesome but I had to lower the resolution in the game. If you get the 7800GTX you'll do much better than me.

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  3. Quote:
    AM i wasting my money on a great graphics card.... only to be disappointed by lag of the monitor. Im just imagining the effect when Im sniping someone.

    Don't worry about any of that. Just worry about having to lower some graphics settings or playing at a lower resolution.

    There's also the occasional game that doesn't support Widescreen but you can generally find solutions at

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  4. hey thanks guys for the speedy reply

    I know the high resolution is another problem. My thinking was, I play games in maximum wide resolution if I can and the ones I cant I play with bars. Best of both worlds right.
    I thought, Im gonna buy a huge graphics card so I might aswell buy a widescreen that will need its full capabilities.

    What's really worrying is that for the first time, brand spanking newly released top end graphics cards are being pushed around even before they are released. If FEAR is a nightmare what is in store for us in 6months. Obsolete X1800XT.

    Ive been disappointed with the X1800XT. I thought I would wait in case they come out and blow the competitors away.
    But they dont even utilise the rumoured 32 pipelines.

    I think SLI and Crossfire is useless. Really who is going to buy another card 12months down the track when its cheaper to buy the next generation card. The only thing SLI and Crossfire will do is double the costs of being able to play the latest games with full detail. Game developers will bump up their specs knowing this. So one card just wont be good enough. I cant afford another $1000AUD card on top of my already expensive outfit.

    I might just wait till november to see the price difference (and availability) of XT's. I might have to go with the BFG 7800GTX.

    Does anyone know if crossfire can join two cards of different specs?
  5. I'd get the 7800GTX if I was buying today. Forget getting two cards for the reasons you mentioned.

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  6. it looks like a lot of people like that monitor and you will be happy. check out this forum:
  7. You can get 2 7800gts for about $650 and that will be much better than one 7800gtx, and not that much more expensive. If you get two eVGAs those overclock very well, boosting performance even more if you choose. Newegg had the eVGA 7800gt on sale for $320 yesterday and it even comes with Call of Duty 2. So if you were going to buy Call of Duty 2 (you mentione call of duty), it's almost like you're getting 2 for $600 + $50 for Call of Duty 2. Hope that helps.

    Man have fun with that monitor and graphics cards. You'll be fine. And if you have to put bars on turn down the resolution, you're not losing anything, you're still playing on a bigger/better screen with better graphics than probaly 80% of gamers!!!

    Enjoy you'll love it all :)

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  8. You can lower the resolution also. I have a 2405 and a AIW9800 pro graphics card. I can run Half Life 2 and Call of Duty at full resolution (1200 x 1920), you can get the twaeks form widescreen forum to seth the game to run widescreen. Quake 4, Doom 3 and Far Cry are too much for my video card, but they run great at 768 x 1280, and the monitor (set to the mode which stretches to full the sreen but maintain the aspect ratio) scals the images really well. I have FEAR and run that at 768 x 1024 (non widescreen) with black bars either side. Ther are all more tha acceptable.
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