Samsung 2343bwx : 2048 x 1152 : is this good?


I saw that Costco is currently offering $70 off for this monitor. The price now is $250.

It's 23" 16:9 with 2048 x 1152 res.

how is this monitor? I am planning to replace my Samsung 220wm.

is this 2343bwx good for gaming?
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  1. Is this the extra wide screen lcd?
  2.'s extra widescreen with 16:9 ratio

  3. I too am curious whether this monitor is good. I want to purchase a 24" monitor and have been looking for like a month but I haven't been able to decide, there are so many options to think about in a monitor it is sickening. At any rate, I use my computer almost strictly for gaming and browsing the web. I haven't set a budget but I am considering either a Samsung Monitor or a Dell monitor, most likely the Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP. However, this Samsung is $240 less it worth the extra money to buy the Dell or is there a better monitor out there in the 500 or less price range in 24"?

    Hope for someone with a little more understanding/knowledge on the subject. BTW: The Samsung in question can be viewed here:
  4. I ended up getting Samsung 2333HD wide scree TV with HDTV monitor and HDMI and Dolby speakers

    it's cool. I love it
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