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Hello Everyone,

So I recently ordered my first External Hard Drive (Seagate Free Agent Go 500G) to backup my data and hold all my movie files as my old school laptop's (2006 Dell Inspiron 1501) memory is pretty full.

So I want to be able to watch these movies on my television, so I also ordered the Asus HD Media TV Box.

I was just thinkin about it, and since I am a tech n00b, I need some help.

I was wondering if the movies will studder or be choppy since the external hard drive will be connected via USB 2.0 and not eSata.

Thanks for the help! Any advice / recommendations / Info is much appreciated!


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  1. You'll be absolutely fine. the only thing you will experience that may be a possible annoyance is the first spinup or each spinup after the drive being idle as you would with any external hard drive. Just means it'll take a couple of seconds for the drive to wake up but after that the USB can handle the bandwidth no problem.
  2. Awesome thank you for the advice! I was having some second thoughts about my order and was getting buyers remorse before I even recieved the products!
  3. I want to connect my media player device via it's Ethernet port directly to my laptop via an RJ45 cat 5 cable. Does anybody know whether I can do this via an ethernet crossover cable via a direct connection or will I have to buy a hub or a switch. I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO MY WIRELESS ROUTER WHICH IS SEQUESTERED IN A DIFFERENT PART OF MY HOUSE (don't ask). Please help.

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