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This monitor seems like it has pretty much everything I need.. on paper. The e-IPS and matte finish will supposedly give true color which would be great for photo editing. The 6ms (some places listed as 5ms) response time is fast enough to play games.

Only problem is, how do I know it's really all it's cracked up to be? Doesn't seem to be anywhere in town I can view it, and I live in a pretty big city, Seattle. Ironically, on the Dell website the monitor is displaying an image of the Space Needle. Lol.

How much of a gamble is this, do you think? (and please don't just say 300 dollars.. ha)
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  1. I just got one. It's lovely. I'm very happy with the colors and resolution. Look for a coupon code on or At one point there was a 20% coupon. Also check with Ross at Dell for a potential 7% EPP discount. There may be a 4% discount for using a Dell Preferred card but I'm not positive. Ross's email is :

    have a good one

  2. I wouldn't say it's a tremendous gamble - it looks like an absolutely stunning value for the money. Besides, I have had great success with Dell's return policy in the past, so even if you hate it, I wouldn't say you are actually out very much. I would definitely go for it, if I didn't already own both a Dell S2208WFP and an Ultrasharp 2408WFP (both of which I like very much).
  3. Yes, it is IPS.
  4. Yes, it is a type of IPS panel.

    How good is it compared to a H-IPS or S-IPS panel?

    I don't know, but if you buy the 2200WA and ship it to me, I will let you know. :D
  5. I'd be more interested in how it compares to S-PVA in all honesty. It's clearly better than TN, but where does it fall among the better panels? It's certainly priced right though - if I didn't already have a dual monitor setup, I'd debate getting one to put next to my 2408WFP (an excellent monitor by the way).
  6. cjl yep same sort of question.

    Right now I have a vp930b which has a s-mva panel.

    I read VA panels beat IPS anyway for blacks, and of course this monitor is a e-IPS without a polariser. Meaning blacks will be worse than other IPS's I think.

    So my question is to anyone who has one how do the blacks look in movies etc. and especially when not looking straight on since I tend to watch movies in bed at an angle below the screen. My current S-MVA panel has just about no distortion it is very good at angles watching movies.
  7. That's exactly what my S-PVA panel is like. No distortion at all out to 160 degrees or so, and only very minimal distortion past that. Excellent blacks as well compared to TN, though I've never owned an IPS to compare it to.
  8. the dell has an e-IPS where e stands for economic and is different to S-IPS in a slightly lower viewing angle (178° versus 179°) and lower gamut.

    By the way, is selling like vtan2001 does it allowed on this forum?
  9. According to these guys
    (a new fav. site of mine as I'm trying to pic a monitor) the contrast levels are a bit weak :( and they measure w/ a colorimeter you can also do a side by side comparison with various other monitors through
    or check the definitive dell 2209wa thread at
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