Cable through my building no cable box required

Hello,I get cable service through my building a cable box is not required. The cable wire is plugged directly into the tv. I have two old tv's you know with the big back not like the new lcd ones. One of them picks up all the cable channels including hbo showtime etc and the other one does not because its programmed to only go from 2 to 13 then line 1 and line 2. The original remote does not work and universal remotes have not been able to program it. I tried tuning to the cable channels by hooking up a converter box but that didn't work. So, I need some advice on how I can tune to the cable channels? I've heard that you can do with a vcr with a cable tuner or a dvr. Please help.
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  1. if you have a vcr connect you cable into the vcr and then out from vcr to tv. that way you can change the channels through the vcr.
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