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I accidently deleted my username on the PC for admin and now I can't open the C:/ drive. It's my computer and I'm the only one who uses it. I thought it was a virus at first when I tried to download an anti-virus security software and it wont let me download anything. I tried system restore even in safety mode. Won't work. While looking around in places I shouldn't have, I saw 5 different user names and thought that was my sister so I deleted 4 of them. Even though I am in Admin right now, it wont let me even view My Documents or My pictures, and the whole C drive. Help!!!
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  1. This why you should disable accounts, and not delete them. You might be able to gain access to your files by taking ownership of them. There is an advanced tab under security, and then there is an ownership tab where you can take ownership of the folder, and all its contents.
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