Western digital caviar green problem

currently buy cviar green western digital 1tb, and try to install win 7 but so slow and freeze....
i use aspire m1641.....
anyone can help?

<------please someone help urgent---------->
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  1. yes bro iam having the same prob as you do.........
    now having spet so much buck i dunno who is to blame wd cavilier green or windows 7.... or my self...........
    now iam going back to my vista ultimate and cross my finger it works.
    differently i have to go for xp service pack 3 ....for the time being iam just tearing my hear and kicking my ass
  2. oopse one more thing anyone who wishes to install windows7 must know ...it is not compatible with various soft like nero / firefox ....and the list goes on......belive me you wouldnt know whether to scratch your watch aur wind your ass imean u would be confused
  3. I have absolutely no problem running fireFox on Win7. Out of almost 50 programs on my computer - some from years ago - only one will not work. - jb
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Western Digital Green Caviar Windows 7