Its that time again!!!!! The TV hunt begins :)

Hello all!!!

Well its that time again..time to go TV shopping, Hooray!!! Problem is, I have no idea which path to take between LCD, Plasma or one of those Mitsubishi 65" DLP's. LED is definitely out of the question because with the high price tag you just dont get enough screen for the money. Now I love the the picture of Plasmas, but I do play video games that have HUDS so I am concerned about image burning and also I am guilty of sometimes falling asleep to a movie with forgetting to put on the sleep timer (tisk tisk i know!!!) I am very attracted to the big 65" Mitsubishi DLP (WD65C9), but so many people put down DLP saying its a dead technology.. It doesnt worry me about the viewing angles as I usually always use the TV head on anyways...

Please help!! I want to hear some suggestions, maybe even a specific tv recommendation ;)

PS. I really didnt want to spend over $1300 :pt1cable:
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  1. DLPs fade fast. with LEDs you are paying for quality. you can get a 46" for around $1300. Plasmas are nice but not for video games. leaving it on all night will burn it fast. You can get a 52" for around $1300 from sony or phillps. But I think you would like the LEDs. Go check them out at a store.

  2. I agree the LED's are probably the best quality, but I really wanted to have a big screen (52" and above)..and the price for that size on LED is just way too expensive right now...I think there was a 60" at Best Buy for like $2800 which I think is just ridiculous for a TV..but they will come down in price with time... I may just wait until then, but the other day when I was at Best Buy, they had a Open Box Mitsubishi DLP 65" ..same one I was looking at online for $999.99 .. and since Best Buy doesnt really carry DLP projection TV's anymore I thought that it was a sign for me to pick it up lol.. I havent yet but it is still tempting. How long do you think until the screen starts fading on them? because it being an open Item at Best Buy, whoever returned it has used it some and it is being used at the store the whole day while its on display..kinda makes me worry a bit...
  3. Well, I finally ordered my Television... 55" LG LCD 1080p 120Hz Should be arriving in 7 to 10 business days!!! I cant wait!
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