i would like to know is there any programs that you can use to CLONE harddrive (WD 120GB IDE) to (WD 200GB SATA) the current format on the 120GB is NTFS. i dunno will it only partition 120gb of 200gb on my SATA or it will just leave the rest 80gb empty for me 2 use? is There Program i can use? how much will it cost to have someone DUPLICATE IT on a HDD duplicator? thats
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  1. Use Symantec Ghost or Acronis TrueImage Server.

    You won't 'lose' the other 80Gb, it'll just be unused.

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  2. Quote:
    CLONE harddrive (WD 120GB IDE) to (WD 200GB SATA)

    Ghost 2002 and 2003 will clone NTFS file systems, I've had better results with 2002 than 2003 though, but its probably just configuring 2003 properly, to get it to do exactly what you want, make an exact duplicate Boot Record and all.

    The only possible problem I foresee is will Ghost recognize the SATA HDD!

    I haven't tried cloning to a SATA drive yet, if Ghost doesn't see the SATA HDD it won't do anything, possibly adding the M/Bs SATA drivers to the Ghost Bootdisk is a way around that, if it doesn't see the HDD.

    With different size HDDs I've gotten good results by cloning first, then using a program like Partition Magic to either expand the Primary partition into the unused area of the larger HDD, or Partition the unused area as its own drive if you want a dependent backup partition.

    I never use a backup partition on the same HDD myself, if the HDD completely fails you loose everything.

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