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Ok i've looked around and i can't find the idiots guid to picking a monitor. I want to get a new flat panel monitor and get rid of my crt but i don't know jack **** about LCDs or plasma. Is there a guid for learning about how to pick a good LCD or plasma monitor?
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  1. There are no plasma PC monitors only plasma HDTV. Pixel size on plasma HDTVs are generally larger than those found on an LCD HDTV. For example, if you want a small LCD HDTV than can handle 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) then you can choose a 32" LCD HDTV. I don't think all 32" LCD HDTV can handle 1080p, some older models are limited to 720p resolution. The smallest 1080p capable Plasma TV is probably about 42".

    Click the below link for a buyers' guide:


    Click the below link for some technical info about LCD monitors in general:

  2. "Good" is a relative term.

    What some may consider "good" other may call them "bad".

    For example, many gamers love LCD monitors built around a TN because they are inexpensive and have "fast response" times.

    Other people like me would toss them into the crap bin (every single one out there). Why?

    1. Poor color accuracy.
    2. Poor black levels.
    3. Limited viewing angles. Even starting straight at the monitor you can notice color variations between the center and one of the edges.
    4. Seemingly more backlight bleeding than most other types of LCD panel techs.
    Basically, all LCD monitors have florescent lights behind it which is always on when the monitor is turned on. TN panels tends to let more of this backlight shine through than other panel types.

    I tend to spend more money on "better" panel techs that have marginally slower response times, but overall color and image quality is "better" than TN panels.

    Click the 2nd link I provided above for more technical info to understand what I am talking about.
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