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Hi, I have the following scenario here. Have a „WD TV HD Media Player“ and, for selecting mp3's to play, I prefer to use monitor rather than TV. I need to go from composite output of media player to VGA input of monitor. I only need to display the audio menu so video quality isn't a major factor. My question...I found this device... „Geniatech V2V Pro“ . Has anybody any experience of said device..its quite cheap, around EU33 or so. Would really appreciate any help here.
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  1. it might be easier to go through hdmi to dvi and use an adapter from dvi to vga. there is a loss in quality. its alot cheaper too. hdmi cable $15 adpater $3 if you dont have on already. I think i have like 10.
  2. Thanks mosz, sounds good only...are these the devices you mean....
    Premium HDMI to DVI Cable Gold 2 Metre

    Hama DVI-to-VGA Adapter

    Just one question...HDMI output is digital, VGA input is analog, so where's the conversion done?
    And would be much less expensive
  3. thats a good question? IDK I can try it when I get home. Does your monitor have a DVI port
  4. Darn after some more thought it wont work. You are right. it looks like its a good product. it was the cheapest video to vga converter i found. Amazon has a 4star rating on with 23 reviews. Good Luck. If your computer monitor has a dvi input you can just use the hdmi to dvi cable
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