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I have a Sanyo DP50749 plasma tv and a LG BD570 Blu Ray player. Both are brand new. I have hooked the HDMI cable from the Blu Ray into the 3rd HDMI slot on the TV . When the Blu Ray is turned on, you see the start up screen. Then it goes black. In order to get the main menu , I have to put a disk in, then the menu will appear. I have returned 2 brand new SAMSUNG players, and 2 HDMI cables. I have a Vizio HDMI cable on it now. I tried a Phillips , a $70.00 monster cable, a $100.00 monster cable. All 3 would not work, it would go to a green screen,a gray screen and then turn my TV off, like it was shorting out. I am at a loss !!!!! Please Help ...
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  1. try using the player and cable on another tv. the tv is the only one you havent replaced. Sorry to be the one to tell you.
  2. Hook up a yellow composite cable to the unit and the tv. Go into the internal setup (no disc in unit). Step the output down to 720p. Exit and rig it back up with the HDMI.

    You own a 720p plasma with limited downconverting capability. The green flash is a bad HDMI "handshake" with the player. The player's software doesn't automatically adjust for your tv.

    It's big and pretty and a good value. Use it for what it is. BluRay is fine on it, just remember what your tv can and cannot handle.
  3. Used to need to do the same song and dance when the PS3 came out.
  4. This is better advice than Samsung gave me...I knew I needed to adjust to 720 but since the screen was black I couldn't get there. I tried using cables, but I plugged them all in - just the yellow one was the trick! The player was internally set for 420, so it did need to be changed to work with my HDMI cable. My husband is very impressed with my skills! Wireless Blu Ray works beautifully now! Thanks!
  5. Have you had any updates regarding this?

    My father has a 50" LG 1080 HD Plasma television that he purchased sometime in 2010. He first purchased a Panasonic blu-ray player. When using the HDMI cable to connect the blu-ray player to the television, the television would display a blank screen. So he returned the Panasonic player and purchased a Sony player.

    Guess what, the same thing happens! However, when initially turning the Sony blu-ray player on, a brief "Sony" welcome screen appears on the screen, but disappears almost instantly.

    I investigated further, and a picture displays just fine using the HDMI cable on my Samsung LCD television. I am currently utilizing the Sony player with my own television to put it to good use.

    However, he has a DirecTV HD satellite box hooked to his LG television with an HDMI cable, and it works flawlessly. So the TV does not apparently have a fault with the HDMI inputs. I contact LG, Panasonic, and Sony to ask them about this issue - and EACH and every single manufacturer told me that their product was defective. Not apparently so!

    I want to find him a blu-ray player that works, so that he can receive Netflix on his television set - but I am afraid that I will buy another unit that will not be compatible with his television set.

    PS, I apologize for resurrecting such an old thread - but I searched and this was pretty close to the same problem that I am trying to find a solution for!
  6. @ Blaine - Alot of equipment providers are required to have HDMI content protection as of 2013, the older TV may not support the decryption of the content protection. utilize component cables to overcome this.
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