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I have a built HTPC that outputs both sound and video through HDMI. Right now I have a cable going to my tv and another going to my receiver (with another hdmi from the receiver back to the tv) for when I want sound through my home theater system. Is there a way for me to have some type of hdmi switch that I can select the OUTPUTS. All the switches I've seen are for when you have multiple inputs going to a single output (that being the tv). In this case I have one input from the HTPC going to 2 different outputs (the receiver and tv). I hook up to the TV on it's own most of the time as I don't need the home theater for normal tv watching. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. I haven't tested any of these but here's some at monoprice: HDMI Splitters
  2. From what I've seen, those work with multiple inputs going to one output, buy my situation is reversed where I have one output from the htpc going to two separate inputs into the tv.
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    Nope, those are splitters. They "split" the HDMI signal to 2 or more outputs.

    A switch, on the other hand, "switches" between 2 or more inputs to output to one device.

    Also worth noting, a matrix switch, such as this one, can take 2 or more inputs and allow you to individually assign each to 2 or more outputs, sometimes where 1 input can be split to 2 or more outputs at once.
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  5. Thanks, that helps
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