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Hello, I am currently in the process of replacing a few blown capacitors on a LCD TV and I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions I have. I could not get a meticulous enough soldering gun so I had to use an old fasion one. Because of that, I ended up drilling little holes where the old capacitors prongs were and when I placed the new capacitors prongs into the drilled hole, I just simply put solder on the backside of the chipset that everything is connected to. I am just wondering if that will not work properly and not give power to the system. I also noticed that there are two cylinders about an inch in diameter laying horizontally on the board and are surrounded with a plastic hollow square like barrier. I do not think they are axial capacitors but they are covered in a white like dried pasty glue substance. I was not sure if that also meant that that particular component was bad. If anyone has any type of information or knowledge on either one of these problems, that would be awesome. Thanks.
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  1. The TV is an Akai LCD 2715 edition by the way.
  2. If you have already drilled holes, you may not be able to easily save that board. If you don't have access to a de-soldering gun, you normally would use solder-wick or a little spring-loaded sucker.

    If you damaged the trace you may have to jump that terminal to the next point in the circuit. Not a novice endeavour. Also, please mind the polarity symbols when replacing caps unless you want a very nasty explodey surprise when you energize it.
  3. Ah ok, do you think there is any possible way that I could replace the board with another compatible board and just de-solder the capacitors on the messed up board? Thanks for your reply btw =O. Much appreciated.
  4. With Akai being the zombie brand it was, there is hope they just rebadged a Samsung or LG part kit for their set. Finding an original is unlikely, unless you can cannibalize one from eBay. Try soldering new caps in your old board first.
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