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I'm new to this sight and new to high tech electronic products. I just bought a 46" Toshiba TV and a Samsung 1000 watt surround sound with a blu ray dvd player. I need to know how many HDMI cables I need to buy. Do I need 1 for the TV/ dish network box, 1 for surround sound and 1 for the blu ray player? I do have HD programming for the TV.
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  1. You will definitely want HDMI from Bluray to receiver and receiver to TV, 2 so far.

    But you will also have to make a decision on your TV viewing. Do you want to involve the receiver when watching tv all the time like when watching the news or a gameshow or just for the cool HD shows where you want the good sound/video?

    If you want to use the receiver at all times then you only need one more HDMI cable from STB to receiver.

    But if you are like me I don't need 120Watt surround sound to watch the news, etc so I use component video and S/PDIF from STB to TV, and an HDMI to receiver so for normal everyday viewing I put the TV to Input 2 where the component/fiber optic is and for big sports and HD content I turn on the receiver and use HDMI input 6 and mute the TV.

    So to tie this all up.
    You need one output HDMI from receiver to TV
    Then the rest are inputs from your devices. One for the bluray and one for the STB (plus component and fiber optic if you want to go that way)
    So three HDMI cables all together for now and you don't need to buy the expensive Monster Cable stuff. Just make sure they are HDMI 1.3.
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