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I have a DFI mb which went south and need to access the data off a 2-drive ATA RAID 0 array I created with the boards' onboard Highpoint 372N controller.

Does anyone know of any standalone Highpoint PCI RAID cards that I can use to access the data off these drives on another mb? These are standard ATA, not SATA drives.

Thanks for any info on this.
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  1. If you can find a PCI card with the exact same highpoint chip it "might" work. The best way to go though would be to get that motherboard replaced.

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  2. The RocketRAID 133 will do exactly what you need (HPT372 chip). You might be able to get away with a cheaper RocketRAID100 (HPT370) seeing as the difference between ATA100 and 133 won't make a scrap of difference to your RAID setup.
  3. Thanks sjonnie! You've made my day! Now I can smash the $#!t out of that hideous DFI motherboard and get A LOT of aggravation induced by it out of system.

    That board (and an earlier twin) have been nothing but trouble, with the company offering brain-dead support for either one. Don't ever by DFI products, worst computer company I've ever dealt with.

    Thanks again.
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