Sorround only plays front 2 speakers when watching tv and games

I just bought a samsung series 4 430 50 inch plasma a few days ago, decided to get a home theater system, so I grabbed the samsung HT-Z221. got it all hooked up with an hdmi. realised i only had sorround when playing dvd's through the built in player. no sound on tv or when playing games.

I went back to the store to ask about this problem. the guy told me it was because I needed the red and white audio cables aswell and turn it to aux. i got the cable, hooked it up now again I have sorround when watching dvd's and such through the built in player, but when watching tv or using my gaming systems only the front 2 speakers work, and the woofer slightly, the center and the rear speakers are non existant. I went back to the store and the guy said "Thats weird, maybe its broken, I cant help you"

Can anyone figure out this problem, perhaps what it is and how to fix it. THANKS!
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  1. Ok well you cant get 5.1 surround with just the red and white cables. you need to connect you game console to your HT-Z221 via hdmi or optical or coaxial digital cable. The red and white cables only give you 2 channels left and right. Thats why you only get two channels working. If you need more help check this website out. when you get to the home page click continue and on the left pick your device under home theater. Click a/v reciver and game console and on the right there are the options you have to connect your audio and video. there is also a diagram. Hope this helps.
  2. Unless you're using the internal tuner on the tv, it will only be a pass-through for 2ch sound. If you're able, you will get better results wiring each product to your HT kit. For example, running an optical from your 360 and a coax from your cable box. The output of your tv will only be in 5.1 if you're viewing a Hi-Def show via the tv's internal tuner. System limitations.
  3. Like the others said. You need either HDMI or optical to utilize 5.1.

    You could use HDMI from system to samsung and then samsung to the tv.

    I ran into a similar issue with my JVC system. It only has an HDMI output. So I used an optical cable from the system to the JVC and then HDMI to my TV for video.
  4. Make sure ASC is turned off in the menu settings. It should then play in 5.1

    Also try to set your PL II to 'matrix.' That should also work. (after setting asc to off)
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