Gateway model no help

cant figure out the model number. heres most of the specs i can think of
processor amd k6-2
mother board msi n1996
256mb sd ram
hard drive western digital 4gb
it was made in 5/10/99
on the back it says gateway inc. micro ATX model no.(none shown) select 400
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  1. ive been trying to update it which is why i need the model no.
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    what part are you trying to upgrade
    this computer is called select 400 later was named Gateway 2000 with small mods as there is no help or support available from gateway anymore here are few details

    Select 400 Memory Specifications
    Standard Memory 64 MB (removable)
    Maximum Memory 256 MB
    Memory Expansion 2 sockets
    Memory Comments 100MHz SDRAM DIMMs
    CPU Type 400MHz AMD K6-2
    Model Comments Gateway Select system

    hope this help
  3. some more stuff in the archives of gateway just found
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