Notebooks with Intel VT/Hardware Virtualization 'out of the box'

Hello all and TOMdry, :hello:

I am looking for a 15.6" 16" or 17" notebook to use with Windows 7 'XP Mode', Hyper-V, VMWare etc.
It must be an Intel Core 2 Duo powered machine. Note some don't have VT eg. P7350 (Yes I know AMD except Semprons have AMD-V).
If you know of a model capable (i.e. no BIOS hacks) just drop it in here to assist me in selecting a suitable machine.
I'm afraid Dell is not an option unfortunately.
Your assistance is appreciated!

Suggest brands:
HP / Compaq

My experience with Supplier Support forums hasn't been great,
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  1. I have been looking for the same. Finding an out of the box laptop with windows 7 pro is not easy. you can shortlist your Processors to the p6670, p7570, p8600, p8700, p9550 to make things a little easier. as well as a quad q9000.

    There is a high end HP from officemax with the q9000 Core2 quad with VT., again, no Pro so no window virtual XP.|categoryId~10004^categoryName~Technology^parentCategoryID~category_root^prodPage~25^region~1@71p2v49p|categoryId~283^categoryName~Computers^parentCategoryID~cat_10004^prodPage~25^region~1^refine~1@3fbdt7lk|prodPage~15^refine~1^region~1^categoryName~Laptop+Computers+and+Tablet+PCs^categoryId~325^parentCategoryID~cat_283@60nnnf8j|refineName~Price^prodPage~15^refine~1^sub_attr_name~2^region~1^refineValue~949+%3C%3D++%3C%3D+999.99

    Hope it helps.

    I am looking for a lighter notebook but a 17.3" dell with an i7 for $1099 has caught my eye.
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