Maxtor OneTouch II corrupt - how to recover files?

I just transfered some data from Maxtor OneTouch II to my computer, but suddenly it stopped and showed raw datas, which means that the files became corrupt.

So I tried to fix it by restarting Windows XP and letting chkdsk do its job (BTW, it said that some of the files and chain files are truncated - I don't understand what that means to my data :( ) . Consequently, the external drive no longer showed raw datas but instead a folder named "found.000" (filled with thousands of "chk" files) and a file named "&2&2". What does that mean?

BTW, its total capacity is 200GB (189GB formatted), and I used up 158 GB. Somehow "found.000" folder and "&2&2" file make up only 59.5 GB. Almost 100GB is missing.

Then I tried the latest Powermax from Maxtor to see if I can fix it, but it turned out that Powermax doesn't detect external harddrive (Mine is USB2.0). So no luck there.

Is there anyway to recover the data back? Or am I pretty much out of luck and have to reformat the HD ? Please please help.
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  1. See if any file recovery software can see it. I've used Undelete in the past and it worked ok.

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  2. give stellar phoenix a try. You can download a trial version that will allow you to scan the harddisk and see what it can recover.
  3. I had good luck with Winternal's Recovery tool!

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