Realtek optical out does not work in vista?

Built a brand new computer, using an ASRock x58 Extreme mobo, and using the onboard Realtek optical out. However, I get no sound through my speakers. In Vista sound playback devices, it shows that Realtek Digital Output gets a signal, but the Speakers are shown to be disconnected. The cable is fine, I've used this speaker set in my previous build with another sound card, but it won't work with onboard sound. In the Realtek sound manager, it doesn't show an optical port to be available, only a digital coax and the analog. I've enabled HD audio in BIOS, no change. Updated to latest drivers, no change. Anyone else have this problem?
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  1. apologies, perhaps this should've gone in the computer section!
  2. Let me know if you get an answer, I have the same mobo, and I was going to use an optical cable for one of my headsets.
  3. I have the exact issue with the same MB: AsRock X58 Extreme. Optical output is not working while the coaxial works just fine. Does somebody have an answer to this ?
  4. Same problem with my system (Gigabyte MA790X-DS4) with Realtek under Vista SP2 with 2.1 Bose optical system. I can hear DVDs and HDTV but no MP3 files neither internet. Too bad! I'll appreciate any help. Thanks.
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