Intel h55 chipset with i 7 860 price

Hello,novice how is this for my teenagers computer with tel h55 with i7 860
2. 8 g b ddr3 s dram
3. a ti rad eon 5450 with 1 g b v ram
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  1. Does he play any video games in his computer?
  2. virrze said:
    Does he play any video games in his computer?
    no the 4 boys have one xbox 350. they do play on line games but no need for a good graphic card. i just read that graphic cards such as ati 5450 are not worth the money no better than integrated graphic card and i dont want to spend 2 to 300 on a card until we build our own computer
  3. I don't think theres a point with that CPU then. Get the i5-750 its basically the same CPU but without hyperthreading. Also $70~ cheaper. If their still gonna play games I still suggest a ATI radeon hd 5670, since its only 30 more dollars, and has a huge performance increase.
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