Expertise Needed: Graphics Card Problem

Im trying to upgrade the graphics card on my wifes Sony Vaio Comp... But Sony has made it very tough.

It currently has an NVidia 440mx
I want to get somewhere near a 6600gt

The RZ series has a limited power supply.. just under 300watts.
The only power cables from the PS are:
1 that splits to both cd and dvd drives
1 that splits to the Hard drive slots (though the second slot/plug is empty)
and 1 small plug that goes to the floppy

Can anyone think of a decent graphics card option that can be placed into this system? preferably something that can run without a power plug of its own..
or needs little enough extra that it can be hooked into the open half of the hard drive power cable?
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  1. Radeon 9600 Pro or XT.

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