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So, after moving, I was going through my stuff and found an old "You Don't Know Jack 3" game cd. Used to play it on my 36" gateway destination many years ago. If you have a htpc or laptop you can connect to your tv, give it a try. volume 1 and 4 are the best by far.

I would love to play it again, but the game really shines in the living room on a tv.

So, I have my win 7 64 bit machine in the office, one wall and 10 feet from the tv. Tv has a ps3 connected to my wireless network.

Is there any way to get the screen from my office win 7 computer onto the tv, with sound, using the network and/or the ps3? I guess kind of a remote desktop.

If I need to install linux or something on the ps3, I am willing to do so, as long as I can still use the factory os/firmware without hassle.

If I need to buy a device to stream to the tv without the ps3, I am willing to consider, as long as it doesn't cost a ton of money.

Also, the game won't run in 64 bit so I am downloading xp mode now. So the solution may need to work with that.

I have a radeon 5770 with hdmi so I could just get a long cable, but wirelessly would be cooler. Cable would have to be 25'-30' or so. I can get one on monoprice for under $30, but would have to wait. Also, not sure about sound through hdmi. Thought there were some issues.

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  1. the PS3 is not the same as a PC and its web browser is very limited in what it can do so there is no way to remote into a PC using a PS3. and there is no way to use your TV to use remote desktop other than connecting a PC to the TV. the only wireless solution i could think of is a wireless HDMI setup but wireless HDMI is hard to find plus it will cost 1500+ bucks if you can find it
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