Toshiba Satellite A500 fan never stopping

This thread is created to help all the users that have a Toshiba Satellite A500 fan that never stops.

The problem is well explained at the Toshiba forum here,

The issue is very important and Toshiba seems to be minimizing it or simply advising people with a 3 days old laptop must be cleaned of dust. Like in 3 days there could be a build up like a dry bush passing in front of the camera in some old western movie....

If you have this model and have this issue, please write your story and experience with the Toshiba assistance.

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  1. I bought mine 1,5 weeks ago.
    Toshiba Satellite A500-132 and the FAN can't slow back from 70% to 50%.
    This not an OS problem, I tried the preinstalled Vista, now I have Windows 7 and the problem is still exist!
    We need a proper BIOS to resolve this problem!
  2. Same here in Poland. Tried preinstalled Vista and Windows 7. Nothing helps at all, only short-term solutions, like switching power plans. CPU and GPU temperatures are great, about 30*C and 40*C, the air from vent is cold, even then fan doesn't stop. It seems that it gets stuck at about 70% and won't slow down.

    Until I load my CPU so it gets hot and has to run the fan at 70%, the notebook runs quiet. When fan speed reaches 70%, it won't return to 50% or even 0%. Another irrational thing is that the fan doesn't work at all, and turn on suddenly at 50% - why can't it run permanently at i.e. 30%? I wouldn't hear it at that speed at all...

    Seems that the problem is in BIOS. That would be very nice if Toshiba released a proper BIOS with fan control options (like they did with M400) or just a BIOS that would make the fan behavior more rational!

    Toshiba, we are waiting for a BIOS - we now that you can do it!
  3. have exactly the same problem in Munich (Germany).

    Fan 70% CPU 29~32.

    I tried following programms, to get control over the FAN.

    -Speedfan (doesent work)
    -Notebook Hardware (but doesent work)
    -TuneUp (helps to make you vista faster, but for the fan doesent work)
    -CPU Cool (doesent work)
    -Toshiba "Util_volume_indicator" (runs, but doesent make any sense, fan problem the same)

    But TOSHIBA help us with our noisy Notebooks, and give us a relevant BIOS update.
  4. News: The fan speed was on 50, then changed to 70 -> the GPU: 47°C, the CPU: 43°C, HDD: 37°C.
    I think the fan "controller" not only depends from temperature, or it's not BIOS problem.
    After speeded up to 70 didn't turned off.

    (sorry for my english)
  5. Same here in Australia.

    not only is the fan staying on when the laptop is cool but sometime when the laptop gets hot the fan doesn't run an all.
    atm the CPU is 36 degrees and GPU is 47 degrees and the fan if off.

    and the other day the CPU was 25 degrees and the GPU was 35 degrees and the fan was running at 74%

    i rang Toshiba but they said there was no issue. so it doesn't seem like Toshiba want to know about it.

    Had contact with Toshiba Germany, please qoute all you Serial-ID and concern to this contact letter.

    We Need about 100 People. Lets Go.

    They will only start an update if we are enough.

    Hope :D..and Yes we can

  7. I can't post, when I click to Senden nothing happens...
  8. You should check for mail, did the same to me but eventually I got a message from them as a reciept.

    I did it twice to be sure :)

    Come on people!!
  9. I have exactly the same problem as every one else in this forum.

    I have had my Toshiba A500 now for just over 7 weeks and for the first few weeks everything seemed just fine. After then I noticed the fan practically switching on to around 73-78% within a minute of starting up. After a few test case scenarios I pressumed that I just had a faulty unit and was in the process of sending it back to Toshiba for anaylsis when I stumbled across this forum. What I really cant understand is how a multi-million pound organisation such as Toshiba are happy to turn a blind eye when clearly there is a issue that needs investigating and resloving!

    Lets hope for all our sakes that they act professionally and treat us the consumer to a full solution soon!!
  10. I have the same problem...from Italy. We need new Bios :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:
  11. oppid said:
    I have the same problem...from Italy. We need new Bios :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

    Go to the link provided by adisabeba and fill in the formular.

    Su che ci servono voci nel coro!!
  12. NeksusT66 said:
    Go to the link provided by adisabeba and fill in the formular.

    Su che ci servono voci nel coro!!

    OK, done. Hope well ;)
  13. They can't do anything because the german assistance says that it's not a german model.

    We need to contact our respective countries' support.

    Too bad, it looked promising.
  14. Same problem. Im from Portugal.
  15. Well surprisingly enough I actually received contact from Germany regarding the issue we all have!....... But to be honest I am not even going to consider what they suggested as surely they are clutching at straws with this one!....:)

    Here's what they sent....................

    thanks for contacting us.

    Please try a hardware reset to uncharge your notebook. To Reset, disconnect the ac adapter und all connected devices including the battery. Then press the power button for 10-15 seconds. Connect the ac adapter again and start the notebook.

    If this will not help, contact your local support please.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    i. A. Marcus Lackmann

    Mobile Support
    Computersysteme Deutschland/Österreich
  16. I'll give it a try, maybe there are secret codes :)

    If my laptop works I'll start to think they have Tesla's blueprints ... LOL

    I'll report what happened, because if it's that simple then thay are huge morons not to write it in big bald black letters in the manuals....
  17. I am surprised that so many people have the same problem as mine :o
  18. I'm surprised that such kind of problem can exist.

    Well, go to the toshiba forum's link posted at the beginning, news from Germany.
    Looks like something is finally starting to move.
  19. Bios update Ver. 1.30 posted by User from Poland, which received an Beta update from Toshiba Poland.
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